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October 24, 2008


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not undecided anymore

is this the same Barney Franks who claimed he didn't know his live-in boyfriend was operating a gay prostitution ring out of his basement? and is this the same Barney Franks that wanted to loosen lending requirements for government insured loans while said boyfriend was working at Fannie Mae? $700 billion later, I think we know how that turned out. why would anybody listen to this nutbag and why is this guy still in office when he should be in jail? democrat or republican, these old timers need to be voted out of congress. after a couple terms, they start making crazy backroom deals with their Washington-ite pals that cost taxpayers money. once they start representing partisan interests rather than representing their constituents' interests, they should be voted out of office. cutting the military by 25% when we're at war is just plain irresponsible at best, even if you are opposed to the war. our troops deserve our support when they're deployed and that means financial support too. put the crack pipe down Mr. Franks, we're at war and you're a moron.

not fake

That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

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